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Why Start A Blog

I've got a dream

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Blogs have been a big deal for a few years now and continue to be. 

If you have not jumped on this bandwagon yet, here is me trying to convince you that you should. Or at least consider it. It would benefit you when on an online entrepreneurship journey.

But before you jump in, just like with mostly anything else in life, blogs only work with true commitment.

You will get as much out of your blog as you put into it, so with that said .. blogs do require work!

A good blog can help you succeed online in more ways than one.

Take note, though, that it can not make or break your business.

The most important part is the fact that it will bring you closer to your customers. Communicating through your blog causes you to create a relationship with your customers. The more and more they become aware or familiar with your business the more likely it is that they will do business with you.

In a lot of cases, your blog can even do the selling for you.

The power of a blog compared to traditional advertising methods is the fact that you are talking to your customers as opposed to talking about your product. Your customers are not interested in the greatness of your product until they know that they can trust you.

They could not care less about all the marketing hype.

A clever tag line will only go so far, to them it would only lead them to think of you as just another business.

Interact With Your Customers

Your blog has the power to differentiate your business from your competitors. Your customers want you to interact with you. 

It's beneficial to both you and your customers when there is interaction. Your customers gain a better understanding about your business, your products or services, and your mission. Your business benefits because your customers will provide you with a constant flow of feedback that will enable continuous improvements for your business.

Your blog will also allow you to create value for your customers, which is extremely important in the online business world. Your blog can also provide you with the exposure and visibility a new business would greatly benefit from. 

There are millions of blogs in the world today, with thousands, if not millions, of blog posts being published daily by millions of active bloggers. Don't let those huge numbers fool you though, a lot of those blogs are insignificant projects that never trigger an ounce of interest from anyone except for the blogger that owns the blog.

You Must Be Passionate

About Your Blog.

Most bloggers lose interest in their own blogs before anyone else even gets the chance to discover it or get excited about it. With that said, if you are not passionate about your blog, you would totally be wasting your time. 

You're time is valuable, so do not waste it. If you feel blogging would not be your thing, then do not even go there. Without devotion to your blog, it will suffer an early death (and your time will have been completely wasted).

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