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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

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Ever asked yourself this question?

Well I guess if you're here then the answer is yes, duh!

“What is Affiliate Marketing?” or “What do I need to become an Affiliate Marketer?”

People ask themselves these types of questions all the time.  Some people look to make money on the side as an affiliate marketer or want to create a whole affiliate marketing business.

So what IS Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is actually one of the fastest growing industries because it’s cost efficient and quantifiable for all parties involved. 

It’s the process of a merchant paying a percentage of their sales to an affiliate, if the sale came from the affiliates efforts such as the affiliates promotion or website.  

It’s beneficial for the affiliate AND the merchant.

The merchant gets the opportunity to advertise their products or services to a much larger market, increasing the chances to make sales.  The more affiliates that the merchant obtains, the more sales they can expect.

The fact that having affiliates marketing their products and/or services, saves the merchant time and money, eliminating the need to advertise as much. 

The Affiliate Marketer benefits by earning commission for sales made by customers who actually purchase the merchants product and/or service, using the affiliates unique link – which is normally provided by the merchant to the affiliate.

Another benefit to the Affiliate Marketer is that there’s no need to handle or ship any products, no need to handle any type of customer service or support, since the merchant would be the one responsible for that part. 

Is There Anything I Should Have, Get, or Need To
Become An Affiliate Marketer?


In order to give yourself the highest probability of success in the business of Affiliate Marketing, you’ll need the following:


1.  A Desire To Learn

I know. I know. Most of us lack a bit of this, it’s great during elementary school then it starts to disappear little by little during middle and high school.  And when you finally finish school, you’re excited about not having to study, take tests, or learn.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it’s an absolute must that you have the desire to learn and willingness to be trained.  There's a lot to learn, and the learning is not going to stop – even when you start making money.  You must continue to educate yourself with a lot of information and a lot of practice. Use the experience of others to learn as you go.

2.  Investment Of Time And Effort

You may not initially see results. And that’s where some people start to give up. But you’re not one of those people, right?  Always keep in mind that the investment of your time and effort is crucial to your success.  It’s going to take time to do a lot of learning and effort to put in the work.  Investment of your time and effort in this kind of business always pays off in the end.

3.  Determination

You must know how to push yourself forward.  You must have determination.  The ability to push yourself forward, to continue, to rise above, can surely determine your success.  

4.  Discipline

In order to reach your goals, you must have self discipline.  Teach yourself to work hard every single day.

5.  Optimism

Be optimistic. Stay positive.  Bad attitudes or negativity will surely discourage you from pursuing the life you want. YOU are the driver of your vehicle, the captain of your ship, you have the power to take your life where ever YOU want it to go.

what is affiliate marketing

The business of Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular online businesses. 

It’s a business where you have no boss and no deadlines to meet.  In this business you won’t have piles of work on your desk that have to get done by the end of the day. 

At the end of the day, all you really need to succeed are the 5 things I’ve listed above.

Have the right mindset, and a successful online business you can get!