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What is a MindMap?

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If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What is a mindmap?” then pay attention.

The main idea behind a mind map was developed to organize concepts and ideas that take long to understand.  Putting your ideas on paper or on a computer screen is an effective way to understand something that otherwise would have been difficult to understand. 

What happens in mind maps is that there is a main idea or concept, placed in the center of the map.  Then other ideas that flow out of the main idea is created around that main idea, creating a pattern or framework built around the main concept or idea.

The visualization of a mind map is an excellent tool to problem solve just about anything.  Mind Maps take visual thinking to a whole another level, a beneficial level.  Creating one will allow you to achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve. 

In the business of internet marketing the use of these mind maps is super beneficial.  It will help you outline your marketing strategies so much better.

Mind mapping can help you succeed faster.  It can keep you organized, allows you to brainstorm ideas easily, helps you solve problems, and will increase your productivity when starting an online business.  Those are just the few benefits you would gain from mind mapping.  The use of mind maps are suggested and used by many successful online entrepreneurs.  

And if it works for them, then it works for you.

What is Mind Mapping?

It's basically your "thinking" on paper.  Your ideas drawn out.  Your goals shown in writing step by step.  Mindmaps can be drawn out by hand, and you do not have to be an artist.  There are also plenty of mind mapping software applications that you can use too. 

Here's an example of what a mindmap may look like, if you were doing one on food groups. 

mind map

The topic of your mindmap or what your mindmap is about would be in the center - its main purpose.  Then you branch out your keypoints - related ideas or topics - of the mindmaps center.  In the case of the food groups, its related topics, for example, would be: fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, and so forth.  

Now you're going to branch out even more. 

Again, using our example above, you will now branch out from your related topics.  Creating a bit more detailed information or ideas that go with or are related to your  keypoints.  From your "fruits" sub-topic you may branch out with apples, strawberries, peaches, etc.. 

Continue to create branches until you get as detailed as you want to be.  Making sure that the most important topics are closer to the center and the more detailed or specific ones are further away. 

The use of images will help you memorize and visualize your mindmap.  

The use of colors in your mind map will help keep it organized. 

Therefore, the use of images and colors are things you should include in your mindmap.  Here's a useful mindmap you can use when creating your mindmaps.

mind map guidelines