What is a Creative Entrepreneur?

what is a creative entrepreneur

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Simply put, a creative entrepreneur is one who uses his or her creativity, to inspire or motivate others.  A creative entrepreneur thinks outside the box, meaning that they can view things differently which can allow them to help others solve problems that they don't see solutions for or see opportunities where others don't see them.  

There are many types of entrepreneurs, and although I believe all entrepreneurs are creative in their own unique way, there are also different types of creative entrepreneurs.  I will list and describe a few of them here briefly:

Types of Creative Entrepreneurs

1. The Thought Leader

This creative entrepreneur specializes or is an expert in a specific category, niche, or field.  The thought leader is the one others would go to for their expertise.  They know and completely understand the needs and feelings of others.  They inspire and motivate all of those around them and beyond.  They are world changers and promote positivity to all, in all areas of life. 

2. The Coach

There are many types of coaches in the entrepreneurship world.  Business coach, life coach, leadership coach, performance coach, strategy coach, just to name a few.  A coach is one who enjoys helping others via courses, 1-1 or group sessions, classes, and the likes.  A coach can inspire one (or many) towards achieving a particular goal such as building a business, creating action plans, eating healthier, and more. 

3.  The Artist

The artist absolutely loves their art work and enjoys sharing it with the world.  This type of creative entrepreneur creates art via photography, painting, music, and more.  They usually share their art by posting them on social media platforms or creating their own website or blog where they can showcase their art. 

A creative entrepreneur is much more than just the kinds listed above but, in short, a creative entrepreneur is an entrepreneur nonetheless. 

If you have more questions about what an entrepreneur is or about entrepreneurship, don't hesitate to contact me with your questions, comments and suggestions here. I love to hear from others on the subject of entrepreneurship.

How to be a creative entrepreneur

So you have an idea about what a creative entrepreneur is and now you want to know how to become one.  Start with these 5 tips:

Always be open-minded. 

Creativity starts with your thinking. 

Never allow your world to be positioned inside of a box, and if you find it in one, get it out quick!  So much will happen if you stay outside of the box.  Like the saying goes, "Think outside of the box!"  

Just because someone says "You can't do that" or "That's impossible" doesn't mean they are right.  You can't afford to limit yourself.  A creative entrepreneur never limits themselves. 

Start by building a foundation for creative thinking within yourself.  See no boundaries, no taboos, have belief and create solutions to each and every problem you encounter along your path.


By keeping an open-mind, creative ideas will flow. 

But you have to pay attention because if you don't catch these creative ideas as they flow in, you stand a chance at loosing them forever. 

Be sure to capture the ideas that will come to you by writing them down.  Carrying a small notebook or writing them in your cellphone will help.  Just make sure you capture them and don't let them get away.  No matter how silly the idea sounds, write it down.  Later on, all your notes will make sense. 


Be Clutter Free. 

If your office or home are a bit untidy - your mind will be untidy too.  So create a clutter free environment in your home and office so that your mind is clear to bring in those creative ideas.  Clearing the clutter will clear your mind. 

Focus on the Future.

Constantly look ahead.  Take a look at any problems as being already solved, seeing it this way can be a great motivator.  Continuously look into the future, see yourself there and creative ideas will come naturally.

Take Action. 

Anything you hear about becoming a successful entrepreneur, no matter what type of entrepreneur, mean nothing at all if you don't take any action.  

As a creative entrepreneur, you must take action with your ideas.  An idea is nothing but a thought until you take an action.  And it doesn't matter how small or big that particular action is - just take it!

Remember that notebook I told you to carry around with you, the one that you write your ideas into? Review those notes every now and then.  What seems like nothing right now, may surprise you and be the gem you've been looking for later.  

Take action on as many ideas as you can and commit to the action until its completion. 


We are all born creators and therefore, the potential of creative thinking is inside of each and everyone of us.  If you don't use that potential, you won't loose it, you just don't know or don't apply some principles for developing it.  So let's get that out of the way.

Basic Principles of creative thinking

There are 2 basic principles here: (1) Methods and techniques to creative thinking and (2) Making those methods and techniques a habit, a part of your mental habit, will ultimately make creative thinking come easy and automatic. 

As an entrepreneur, you see the potential profit in everything.  You will see potential problems and know how to solve them.  

You train your mind with what you repeatedly think, allowing it to become habit.  Learn the techniques of creative thinking until they become habit and creative thinking will come natural to you. 

There are so many creative problem techniques you can start learning right now.

Creative thinking goes beyond solving problems or inventing something new.  A true creative thinker, not only comes up with solutions, but he or she comes up with the questions too.  

Focus on the following to help become more creative:

1.  Perspective change.  

Change your perspective.  Changing your perspective about how you view things or situations in life will not only make you a happier person but it will also allow your creativity to flow more.  You will soon be able to see solutions to problems that other people can't see or even don't think exist.  Look at everything from different perspectives and you will soon feel your creative juices flowing with ease. 

2.  Assumptions challenge. 

Ever thought about challenging your own assumptions? Well, you should! 

Challenge everything! Do you have to work in a job you don't even like? Do pools really need water? Is education really a good thing? Does a restaurant have to have employees?

Challenge your assumptions. 

3.  Allow your ideas to run wild and free

Let your ideas come to you - even when you think they are silly.  Let them come and know that you can always discard them at a later date, if need be.  Exercise your imagination.

4.  Create a brainstorm session.

It's always good to seek out the opinions of others.  Whether with one person or more.  Brainstorm with others about your ideas.  Be sure that in your brainstorming sessions there are no criticisms early on, as this can hinder the flow of ideas. Make sure you let the others know that weird or strange ideas are encouraged, that way you get them all. 

To make the above 4 techniques become an automatic part of your thinking, use them often, as often as possible.  Apply the techniques to anything.  Remind yourself to use them daily, try writing them down on a card and even carrying that card with you to help remind you to use the techniques often. 

Do you have any recommendations, tips, or techniques you use that may be of help to others trying to tap into their creativity along the their entrepreneurial journey?

If so, please share below and thanks!