What Is A Blog?

what is a blog?

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Looking to find out exactly what is a blog? 

Some people compare a blog to a journal or diary, in website form.  Although not as private as a diary would want to be, since anyone in the world can open and read it.

Nowadays, a blog is so much more. 

It's a place where many people can turn to for many things.  Whether for entertainment, business, or laughter, you can almost bet you will find a blog for it. 

Blogs today are also a great informational resource that a lot of people turn to for information on any subject. 

Blogs have also been created just for the enjoyment of writing.  It's a great way of sharing your writing with others.  Some start a blog to share their thoughts, ideas, or opinions with the world.

Some start blogs to help others.

There are a number of reasons why people start blogs.

A blog can have one or many writers. 

A blog continuously updates its contents and the posts, themselves, are the primary piece of content. 

What Can A Blog Be About?

A blog can be about anything.  You can start a blog about your dog, your family, your travels, even about apples. 


You can start a blog about absolutely anything. 

When someone writes or creates a page on their blog, it is often referred to as a post. 

You're reading one right now. 

People who read a post can also leave comments about the specific post they just read, right there on the post itself - see below.  These comments can lead to discussions with others about the topic. 

If you are a business owner with a website already, you can create a blog within your site, about your business.  Having a blog for your business makes it look more credible and it ensures your business has an online presence.  

Let's face it, in today's day and age, all businesses must have an online presence.  A blog will help others discover and learn more about your products or services. 

What Does A Blog Look Like?


Everyone is different and therefore, blogs can look different as well.  But many of the features a blog contains are common.  Some of these common features include:

  • The header
  • A sidebar or two
  • A content area or the body of a page
  • Images and/or videos

Let's take a look at this visually:

whats a blog

Another common feature in blogs are its legal pages, such as the privacy policy page.  There are many other features, some common, as discussed here, and some not so common. 

A blog and a website differ in that a blog is updated regularly with new posts, videos, images, and the likes.  A website, on the other hand, is not updated regularly.

I tried keeping this post as simple as possible and left it short but I hope it answered your:  "What is a blog?" question.

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what is a blog infographic