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Signs of an Entrepreneur

signs of an entrepreneur

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If you’ve ever wondered whether you have the right personality type to successfully run your own business?

The right personality type to be an entrepreneur? A successful one.

It takes a certain fire in your belly to start any business and make it succeed.

Many people want to have that fire but not everyone truly has it in them.

So how do you know if you have it?

There’s really no way to know for sure but I do find that people who are ready to consider an entrepreneurship journey have certain things in common.  Certain emotional and family fabrics in common.

You don’t have to fit in to all of these categories to be a good candidate to enter into the entrepreneurship world.  Of course, it wouldn’t hurt either.

The more you have in common with the characteristics I’ll discuss with you here, the closer you are towards trying to go out on your own and becoming your success.


People who have been successful at establishing a business of their own tend to have parents or were surrounded by others who worked for themselves.

Yes, it’s easier to get a job with a company than it is to start your own.  People who become entrepreneurs, who go out on their own, often have or have had that type of example to look up to growing up.

Do you come from a long line of people who couldn't work for someone else? and not in a negative way. 

not a good employee

You’re really not a good employee, you would even call yourself a lousy one. 

People who start their own businesses tend to have been fired from or have quit two or more jobs – not laid off or quitting because you’re starting a better one. 

Maybe you’ve been asked to resign before they could fire you. 

If this is you, you should think of this as the marketplace telling you that the only person who can motivate and manage you the right way is really .. YOU.

I admire one who has stayed with one employer for 25, 30 or even more years.  They seem secure. 

What’s your definition of “job security?” 

How many people do you personally know that have had one employer for that long?  

In such an ever changing economy, job security can be so momentary, so short term, and it can be frightening at times. So with that said, one sign that you're an entrepreneur is that you see more than one definition of “job security.”


Another sign of an entrepreneur is one who feels like he or she is not going anywhere or has gone as far as they can go. 

You feel as though you’ve reached the top but when you look around you find yourself asking, “What’s next?” 

Sometimes motivation for a new journey comes from having reached the top, perhaps retiring from a job, this would sometimes drive energetic and motivated people crazy – which in turn can lead to starting on a new journey.


Don’t talk about your awesome business idea if you haven’t put in the time to figure out if there’s a market for your product or service. 

Have you done the market research already? 

Hearing people tell you that your business idea is “cool” doesn’t mean that its “profitable".

Don’t even think about building it if you haven’t figured this part out, you must first figure out if it stands a chance at having people spend money on it.


I’m sure you don’t have to hear this from me but I’m going to tell you anyway.  Starting a business, any business, is stressful. 

Trying to do it without the support of family or friends would probably be unbearable. 

But if you don’t have or can’t get that support, look into networking with like minded individuals online.

Coming from someone who did not have this support, I found that having this type of support in your life, even if it is online, is comparable to having the support of those in your physical world.

This is the reason why I started the ToBePreneur Facebook group where you will find others that you can talk to about your ideas, your dreams, your projects, share information, and more. 


Speaking of support, you can’t do it alone, and you know this. 

While it may be true that you can excel at promoting your business and maybe you love running the financial end of it, you just can’t do everything that needs to get done to run a successful business. 

Think about outsourcing some of the work to others.  If you don’t have someone to help you, look for someone on places like fiverr.  You can outsource many things, such as the social media marketing, ebook creation, and more. 

It would be hard to excel at all the tasks you will need to make it a success – or at all the tasks involved in running a successful business. 

So forget about doing it alone, you’re going to need some type of help sometimes.

That willingness alone, the willingness to get help in the things that you may not be an expert on, is actually an indicator of future success.  So go for it!

To see if you have the characteristics of an entrepreneur go here.