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2 Secrets to Great Sales Copy

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Is there really a secret to great sales copy? 

Is it some type of technology tool? The internet itself? Or the product or service that your  business offers?

The secret is simple.  So simple, in fact, that it’s really not a secret at all.  

What do you think it is?

If you said, “words” then you are correct!

I told you it was simple!

Words are very powerful and is the #1 secret to great sales copy.  Or as I said earlier, its really not a secret at all, you just have to understand its power.

Words have more power in them than any other tool you can imagine.  They can make you laugh, cry, or even destroy relationships. 

Using words effectively, especially in an online business, means an increase in sales, satisfied customers, and a profitable and secure future. Yet, less than 1% of online entrepreneurs use the power of words to the fullest.

This power can be learned, mastered, and used by anyone and when you use it - there would be nothing else that could stop you from succeeding.  

The art of using words is what is called copy writing.  It makes or breaks your sales copy and any advertising material you create. 

One of the ways a new online entrepreneur, who’s just learning about copy writing, can have an edge over the experienced pro is by infusing his or her sales copy with his or her own, honest, and intense enthusiasm.  Enthusiasm is just as important as face to face selling. 

This is why you really can’t just sit down and write sales copy “on command”.  You have to have enthusiasm for what you do, what you offer or provide.   

If I’m going to write a sales copy or some other sales material first thing in the morning, I try to set my subconscious mind to work on that particular job before I go to bed the night before. Sometimes I wake up with a “big idea” and other times I wake up with just ideas but always with a readiness to write them down and take action. 

Don’t force yourself to “grind it out,” though, because if you’re really not in the mood to create or just don’t feel like it but do it anyway - the end result would sound boring or mechanical.  Yes, it may be technically correct with a headline, subheadings, bullet points, an offer and such, but it will lack that enthusiasm that you should always include. 

The online entrepreneur who is genuinely enthusiastic about what he or she sells or offers has an advantage.  

So before you tackle your first or next sales copy, make sure you’re as enthusiastic about it as you want your customer to be. 

 The #2 Secret to Great Sales Copy

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our products or services.  And why not?

We’ve worked for weeks, months and in some cases, even years putting it all together.  When it comes to putting together our sales copy, we want to explain each and every single detail so that our prospect can see exactly what they’re getting when they buy it.

Isn’t that the way it should be?


Your customer doesn’t care about all the work you put into it or all the time you spent on getting it just right.

Your customer is only interested in knowing ONE thing:

What’s In It For Me? (WIIFM).

You will never be able to sell your product or service on a consistent basis if you don’t answer that one simple question.

On your sales copy, you literally have less than two seconds to gain that prospect’s attention.  

The first mistake some people make is that they start out with a weak or corny headline.  You need to grab their attention right there, with the headline, because if you don’t – they’re gone.  They won’t even bother reading anymore and therefore, your body or content becomes meaningless.

Another mistake some people make is starting any piece of sales copy with a “me” message.  A “me” message is all about you and to your prospect, that’s boring!  If you want to gain your prospects attention you must talk about THEM – not you or your business.  You must talk to their problems, their joys, their fears, their challenges, their wealth, and their future.

Every prospect’s favorite radio station is WIIFM (as in “What’s In It For Me”).

One thing you can do to avoid doing this is to go over your sales copy, after you’ve prepared ir, reread it and circle all the “me” words – this includes words like, “I, we, and our”.  Then simply re-word or rewrite the copy using “you” and “your” words. 

This will make it more exciting and interesting to your prospective customer.

When you prepare your sales copy, make sure you make your business stand out from your competition.  Convey your (or your business’) uniqueness.  Create a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). 

What do you or your business have to offer that your competitor doesn’t or can’t?  A better guarantee?, great service?, better availability? or location?  What ever you can do to set your business apart from all of your competitors will give you an “edge”. 

One thing to remember when offering guarantee, though, is that a “1-year, no questions asked guarantee” is better than a “60-day, money back guarantee”.  The longer the guarantee, the more credibility you and your business will be able to gain.  A long guarantee helps raise your prospects comfort level as well – making them want to choose you over your competition.

When you’re a small fish in a big pond – you have to stand out!

Making sure your sales copy is filled with words that make your prospective customer eager to satisfy his or her WIIFM is the secret to any great sales copy.