Principles of Success

principles of success

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For some people, and this possibly includes you too, I know it did for me, believe that success in any endeavor implies that a specific outcome or result has been reached or accomplished.

Let me start off by saying that the specific outcome or result that one arrives to is not success.  It may feel like it, I thought it was too. 

But through the years I have come to my own little conclusions that I’d like to share with you.  Success is more than the realization of a goal, or even several goals.  It’s not a specific destination, but instead, it’s a direction that you and only you choose.  

I hope I didn’t loose you there.

This site is all about helping you find your success.  Everyone is their own individual and therefore, has their own individual “success”.

And no, you do not have to be an entrepreneur or own your own business to find your success – unless, of course, that is your success.

Maintaining an online business, similar to any other type of business, is subject to certain principles, even laws, by which all of us can make that business prosper and flourish – or wither and die.  

Obstacles are everywhere.

Sometimes it may even seem like there is no other possible outcome other than failure.

But there’s no need to worry. 

Here are the principles you should follow for any online success.  These principles are going to try and show you the benefits of consistent, persistent and determined action that delivers with it – success.  Not as a destination, but a direction chosen by you.


Here, it is stated that whether you’re in online marketing or anything else, nothing will manifest without you’re true intention.  Therefore, choose a certain result or outcome. 

What do you really want? 

How much money do you really want to earn or make?

What kind of relationship do you really want to be in or experience?

These are just some questions you should ask yourself to know what your true intention is. 

Once you’ve created a clear picture and decision as to what it is that you really want (never think of what you do NOT want), proceed to the next principle.


This may be the hardest step, although it shouldn’t be.  But I find that, to most people, this is the hardest step of all.

There’s a difference between those who succeed in business, make a lot of money, build awesome relationships and those that failed at doing the same. 

The difference is the attention that they place on the things that they want to achieve.

The ones that succeed, place their attention on learning, perfecting and improving at their mistakes while the ones that fail do not focus their attention on those mistakes.

The ones that succeed, place their attention on the “why” that brought them to want to do the thing that they want to accomplish, their reason to keep going.

Those that fail, focus and give their attention to the mistakes that they have encountered, the roadblocks, the “obstacles”.

Don’t get me wrong.  It’s perfectly natural to feel like you’ve just lost hope or you’re scared to move forward, but it’s not natural to stay hopeless and scared.

Like I said earlier, obstacles are everywhere but it is your job to ensure that you learn and grow from the mistakes you make.

You must remain focused on the things that you can use to succeed, on the things that will help you succeed.  Keep your attention on the outcome that you want for yourself and others. 

I guarantee that if you keep this focus and attention going in this way, you will succeed!



I read a quote once, that I’d like to share with you here and it’s by John D. Rockefeller, Jr., where he states, “Think of giving, not as a duty, but as a privilege.”

One of my favorite quotes. 

When you think of giving as a privilege, you can’t help but feel privileged each and every time you give.  

And the feeling of being privileged is a good feeling.

I give away free stuff all the time.  Knowing that the person receiving anything from me gains value from it makes me feel good each and every time.  It doesn’t matter whether they join my membership club, buy my book or not – it always feels good.

Giving is in of itself, its own reward. 

Don’t underestimate this principle.


The part, in which you receive, can be a tricky one.  Our minds can often times falsely lead us to believe that we are not worthy of things such as receiving any fruits from our labor.  These false thoughts must be deleted as soon as possible. 

To avoid such thoughts, simply tell yourself on a daily basis that you deserve it and that you are the one that it belongs to. 

All that’s left now, is to enjoy your life and your work – it’s very well deserved.