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While you drive along your online entrepreneurship road you will come across several bumps and steep curves. 

We all do. 

But there is one thing that helped make my road smoother and continues to do so. 

Yup, you guessed it. 

The use of checklists! 

Unfortunately, what makes one persons road smoother doesn't necessarily mean that it would make another persons road smoother too.  So I can't make any promises.  After all, everyone is different - right? But I believe in sharing things that helped me, for those that it would help too. 

Which is why I created the free downloadable online checklists you'll see below.   Feel free to pick one, two or maybe more and see if it works for you. 

What Is A Checklist?

A checklist is a great tool to use as an online entrepreneur. 

It is a list of  items you need to complete to make sure a task is completed accurately.  IT can also be a set of steps or instructions to follow to achieve a goal. 

Checklists help organize your tasks or goals so that you can achieve them successfully.  It helps achieve your wanted outcomes. 

Anyone can create a checklist, it's just a list that you go by when performing a task.  As you continue down your checklist, you check off each completed task.  When you get to the end of your list you will have a completed your task accurately. 

Checklists are beneficial for everyone but for purposes of this site I talk about having checklists as an online entrepreneur. 

Whether you're an affiliate marketer, blogger, website creator, social media marketer, freelancer, or whatever online business you're in, checklist are super beneficial to have in your everyday.     

The Importance of Checklists

It is of great importance to have a checklist or two, and in some cases many. 

One checklist for each goal you plan on achieving. 

It will not only help you stay on top of your game while staying organized but it will boost your productivity, help you stay on track and allow you to stay focused.  

If you've been in the internet marketing game for a bit, you know how easy it is to get lost, loose focus or get off track.  With all the information that is out there today its easy to get overwhelmed and confused. 

Having a checklist can help with all that - it has definitely helped me. 

Checklists will reduce mistakes, and help you remember certain steps that need to be taken.  When you start an online business, no matter what kind of business it is, you will surely have certain steps you need to take to get things done accurately.  

Reasons to Use a Checklist

There is more than just one reason to use a checklist, some of which I've already mentioned above.  There is more than one type of checklist as well, but they all work the same way. 

Here's my list of 7 reasons you should use a checklist.

  1. Keeps track of your tasks and progress;
  2. Keeps you moving along smoothly, step by step;
  3. Allows you to get more done in a shorter amount of time;
  4. Helps you avoid unnecessary mistakes; 
  5. Allows you to reach your goals faster;
  6. Makes you more productive; and it also
  7. Frees your mind from having to remember things, which equals to less worry.

Those are just some of the ways that online checklists, in particular, have benefited me.  

Feel free to download any (or all) of the online checklists I've provided you with here and see any of them work for you. 


Breaking Down Your Daily Plan

breaking down your daily plan

When starting an online business, it will get a bit overwhelming and maybe even stressful when you start seeing that your workload starts growing bigger instead of smaller. 

This checklist will help you breakdown that workload into smaller pieces to help you stay focused and more organized. 

Review Your Day

Daily Review

Reviewing what tasks need improvement or changes, what has been completed and what still needs to be worked on is an essential part of being productive.  Here's a checklist that will help you along your daily reviews. 

Develop A Routine and Stick To It

Developing a Routine and Sticking To It

It's easy to develop a routine, but sticking to it is the hard part.  This checklist was created to help you not only develop a routine, but to stick to it!

Follow the 80/20 Rule

Following the 80/20 Rule

When you have a lot of tasks piling up, and only 24 hours in a day, you will surely start to get stressed out.  Following the 80/20 rule is one way to help you manage your time and analyze your tasks. 

Outsourcing Daily Tasks

Outsourcing Daily Tasks

Throughout your online entrepreneurship you will surely begin to notice that your daily tasks keep getting bigger and bigger.  Too much to do on your own. 

Here's a helpful checklist you can use when outsourcing some of those tasks. 



Looking for ways to prioritize your work? You can't make every task on your lists a priority so you have to choose wisely.  This checklist will help you prioritize your work.

Set Realistic Timetables

Realistic Time Table

Everyone can set a timetable, but setting one up that you can actually follow is hard to do. 

Use this checklist to set up your own ideal time table without over scheduling or under scheduling your daily to-do tasks. 

Remove Distractions

Removing Distractions

In order to make sure your tasks or work is completed on time, you need to give it your full attention. 

Well, guess what?

In order to give it your full attention, you need to get rid of distractions that get in the way of achieving your goals.

You may not even realize that you have distractions in your way. 

Follow the steps on this checklist to help get rid of those distractions!

Spending Your Mornings On MIT's

Spending Your Morning on MIT's

Starting off your day on your MIT's (a.k.a the Most Important Tasks) is a great way to gain time and task management. 

This checklist will help organize your tasks and get rid of that overwhelming feeling you get from unfinished work at the end of your day.   

Stop Multi-tasking

Stop Multi-Tasking

Some people believe that multi-tasking leads to you being efficient but it really isn't.  You may feel like you're getting a lot of things done at once, but are you really?

Here's a checklist you can follow to become more productive by eliminating the habit of multi-tasking.

Stop Procrastination

Stop Procrastination

If you are a procrastinator, you need to stop!  Procrastination will eventually lead you down the path to nowhere.  You need to get things done!  

The goal of this checklist is to help you STOP procrastinating so that you can get things done NOW!

The Right Task Management Method

Task Management List

Choosing the right task management method can be tricky.  Trying to figure out which method is best for you, can turn out to become a task in and of itself.  Narrow down which method is best for you by using this checklist.

The Kanban Method

kanban method

Ever heard of the Kanban Method? 

Not many people have, so let me explain it.  It's truly quite simple and one of my favorite methods to use when I start a project and I need a way to stay organized with the tasks that the project involves. 

The Kanban Method is, simply put, a way to visualize your progress.  Using this method allows you to visually observe all of the tasks that you need to do to complete a certain project or achieve a goal. 

This checklist will show you how to prepare and use this method. 

Create A To-Do List

To-Do List

Making lists is a personal choice. 

But most people who find themselves with time management issues often create lists that help with their everyday tasks. 

Use this checklist when creating your own to-do list. 

Urgent vs. Important Tasks

Urgent vs Important

Urgent and Important tasks may seem the same but they are not!  Learn how to identify the difference between an urgent and important task. 

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