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Mobile Marketing Tips

mobile marketing tips

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Sure, when it comes to having an online business, having a good website is important but it’s not the only thing you should aim for to gain online success.  

You need to promote your online business to the world.

A great way of getting that promotion done successfully is by using mobile marketing.

You may not know where to begin, though, and that’s okay.  You may not know exactly what mobile marketing even is and guess what? That’s okay too.

In this post I will share some helpful mobile marketing tips to get you started.

What Is Mobile Marketing?

I like how it's defined on Investopedia.com. I won't spend too much time in this area because it is pretty simply explained as a form of advertising used to promote a product or service.

Mobile Marketing is a great tool for any business, both large and small, both in the internet world and in the real world.

Now on to the
Mobile Marketing Tips

Make Your Site Worth Visiting

my site

If you really want to convert sales with your marketing, you must work hard at making the experience of your visitors on your site pleasurable.

Make it worth visiting.

Work hard at making visitors want to come back to your site and read more. 

Most mobile users are the “on-the-go user” types. Which means they are more inclined to browse through numerous sites quicker than PC users.

Give them a reason to stay a while.

Never assume you know what your visitor wants, listen to them. Listen to what their needs and wants are, so that you can better cater to them.

Split-Test Your Mobile Marketing

Split Test

Create two unique landing pages and split-test (aka A/B test) them. Find out which one performs better.  That way you can put the best one out there. 

Everyone is different. You and I both know that. You can't just assume or guess what people will click on. Just because you would, does not mean everyone else would. 

Continuously test.

Test your designs, your call to actions, and the likes.

When you conduct a split-test, just change one part of your page or ad at a time. That will make it easier for you to determine what worked best.  

Make Your Brand Identifiable

Branding is important because it sets you apart from your competition. Ensure that your brand is instantly identifiable on all your marketing campaigns. 

It may annoy some of your consumers if they have to read through a lot of text to find out what company it is from and possibly see it as a sneaky type of marketing ploy.  

Pay Attention To Your Language

What I mean by this, is don't use SMS language (a.k.a. texting language) in your mobile marketing.

Even though it’s acceptable when your texting someone on a personal level like a friend or a family member, it looks unprofessional when it comes from a business.

Avoid all CAPS.  This may cause your consumer to feel that they are being yelled at. However, it is okay to use it in your call to actions.

Personalize Your Messages

People like to feel important and recognized, don’t you?

Therefore, by including their name on messages you send out, it makes your message personable. Causing the receiver (your customer) to feel these types of feelings.

Make them feel welcomed.

Your customer is important to you so show them that,

make him or her feel how much they mean to you.

Yes, a good website is important to have, but it needs to be promoted properly to others.  One of the most helpful ways of doing this, in today’s day and age, is through mobile marketing.  

So, why not try it and see for yourself? 

Use the few tips I've provided here to start improving your mobile marketing plan!

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