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Create An Irresistible Offer

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Let's talk about how to make an attractive or irresistible offer. Since you're selling (or thinking about selling) to human beings, wouldn't it be great to have some tips on how to influence them?

These tips will improve your influence and motivate customers to buy from you. Thereby, creating an irresistible offer.

I will put these in order of use when it comes to the marketing process, but keep in mind that you can overlap them or switch them around to fit into your particular marketing plan. 

Fill The Void

Look around your world, find a void and FILL IT! Yes, it's really that simple. Know that you really do not have to settle on a niche immediately.

Here's an example, in terms of marketing:

When you do a favor for someone or give them something of value for free, you are essentially creating an imbalance in the relationship between you and that particular person. This act created a subconscious pressure on the recipient to give back to you in some way. I'm sure at one time in your life, you've felt that. 


I read, in many places, that the word "FREE" gets the most response out of any other word in the English language. Wouldn't you agree?

That's why marketers use it over and over again. 

Everybody loves something for free, don't you?

The recipient does not feel obligated because "free" means there is no obligation or cost. Like I said earlier, when something or real value is given to a person, an imbalance is created - a void in nature, that needs to be filled.

Maybe not immediately, but if that person gets great value and use from what you gave them, a subconscious motivation to reciprocate in some manner will have been created in the persons mind. 

On the other hand, there are some that will not appreciate and feel they did not receive the full value of what you gave them. Which is why it's super important that you make sure anytime you offer something for free, they are aware of the full value of what they are receiving. It's worth.

In marketing, what really makes this work is for you to make your "free" offer available when your customer takes action. Now it can be a very small form of action like answering a question, a survey or just entering their email address. 

shopping for irresistible offer

Get Your Customers To Like You

Have you ever heard, "If a customer knows, likes, and trusts you then they'll buy from you." Well, so far you've got them to know you with your "free" offer, the next step is to get them to "like" you. The quickest way I know to get someone to like you is by genuinely letting them know that you like them (reciprocation, again).

Now, you're not going to like all of your customers and guess what? Not ALL people are going to "like" you either. But if you take this kind of approach your odds of finding customers will be a lot better. 

When writing your marketing material, such as the letters, ads, posts, and the likes, write them as if you were writing something to a friend. Do not use any "hi-tech technobabble" language. Use plain talk, just like you do when you talk to a friend. Keep it simple!


I do not know about you, but when I hear someone say "Trust me," it actually makes any trust that I did have to begin with, disappear. It just reminds me of a sneaky salesman and makes me do anything but trust them.

So let's discuss a little about how to get your customers to trust you. First, take a leadership role with them. Do not be afraid to tell them what they should do in order to take action and buy. Present yourself as an expert in your field, an authority figure.

If possible, when creating your sales copy, include endorsements from others, mention articles or posts that have been written about you or your business, any books you've written, etc.

It's sort of interesting how most people do not really want to make a decision, so it's a good thing when you provide them with an action plan ... to say, "yes".

irresistible offer


You should create and manage scarcity to your advantage in every offer you create. This is a good persuader that motivates humans to take action. People want things that make them feel good about themselves, that are of good quality and help solve any problems they may be experiencing.

Sometimes, their want is even greater if the quantity is limited in some way or if the offer has a time limit of some sort.

things to start a business

Know about the law of supply and demand?

If the demand for a product is high and the supply is low, then the price, whether high or low, will be accepted regardless. Kinda sounds like buying gas for your car, does not it?

Even if you create the "perception" that there is a limited quantity available, a limited time frame of availability, or whatever it is that you use, you'll find that this is a great motivator towards action for your customer.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should always include a guarantee of some sort in your offers. The "no questions asked" type of guarantee is my personal favorite, for any 30, 60, 90 days, or full year guarantees, what ever fits you best. By having guarantees you're emphasizing your credibility (trust). 

I've found that most of the time there are very few takers to any guarantee policy you offer, and if there is - you do not want to keep an unhappy customer anyway. Right?

Include all of these tips in your offers and you'll begin to see dramatic results and an increase in your business. 

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