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How To Prioritize
As An Online Entrepreneur

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Knowing how to prioritize is of major importance, among other things, when it comes to building a business online. 

It may sound a bit simple at the outset, to be able to prioritize, but is it really?

As you start putting your tasks on paper, strange things start to happen. As an entrepreneur, you will start to see your ideas take shape and direction, you will even start identifying some stumbling blocks. 

As entrepreneurs, we (too often) have this strange system of keeping our goals and our visions in our heads and not on paper. That's not a sure path to failure, but think of the times you've had to start something over again.


Prioritizing starts with organizing. Write your tasks down on paper, when your done, put them in order. Use any format you like - it may start with checking email, creating infographics, writing articles, posting on social media, etc. Whatever your particular online business needs to get ahead.  

Think of how and what you want or do everyday that leads or will lead you to success, put it on paper. Here is where you will also include your goals and your plans for achieving them. 


Now is where you start to prioritize what you've organized above. Organizing first simply makes the prioritization phase easier. 

Once you know what it takes to run your online business daily tasks, you can prioritize the tasks by their importance. What must be done first, second, third, etc.

To explain it simply, you can not open a store for business before having change in the cash register just like you can not expect traffic to come to your site just because you have a domain name.

Apply this line of reasoning to your online business.


As entrepreneurs, we have a tendency to think that nobody else could do a task better than us, but in reality there will come a time when you have to realize that you can not do it all. 

Plus, let's face it, there are certain tasks you really can not do or at least are not that good at. Let another person do it for you.

There are places such as Fiverr where you can hire someone to design your website, create graphics, make videos, and do all kinds of stuff that you would need for your online business. You can even hire an assistant and a social media marketing manager. 

Once you have assigned a task to someone let them run with it, do not get in their way but keep track of the progress and follow up, to make sure it's been done.

Allowing another person do some of the work will later surprise you. You will start to see how many of the goals you had to begin with are successfully accomplished and which ones still need work. You'll be amazed at how far you've gotten. 

You'll be amazed at how far you've gotten. 

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