How To Motivate Yourself

how to motivate yourself

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Just as self-education is an important part of your road towards achieving success, learning how to motivate yourself is important too. 

Discouragement and lack of motivation can surely hinder you from reaching for what you're aiming for - your success.

And guess what?

It's totally up to you and you alone.  It's up to you to plan a strategy or technique that will help you keep that drive in you, that motivation going. 

For some, it's helpful to make their goals a bit more on the visual side. 

For instance, let's say your goal is something material like a car or house you've been dreaming of getting for a long time now.  In this case, you can create or cut out a picture of that goal, the car or house, and post it where you can see it often.  This will help by reminding you about your goal, when you start feeling that lack of motivation it would help keep you focused by reminding you about what you are aiming for. 

Writing down things is very helpful, this is actually how I manage to keep myself on track – although I must admit that this took a bit of time to get use to for me but has definitely helped me when I want to motivate myself towards doing something.  

It's sort of like making a contract with yourself and in that contract you can also include a reward that you will give yourself once you’ve accomplished your goal. 

Those who write down their goals and create to do lists have a greater chance at achieving their goals than those who simply keep mental lists instead.

There’s just something about putting it in writing that makes it more powerful.

Learn to find a way to get encouragement for yourself, take pride in your accomplishments, no matter how small it is.

Avoid negative people. 

Negative people can bring you down and lower your self esteem.  Stay away from them.  Surround yourself with like minded and positive people – both in your physical world and online. 

I’ve recently started a “To Be Preneur” Facebook group where we can help motivate and inspire each other.  In the group we can all network, share our goals, achievements, and help each other get ahead on our own journey’s.  You can join the group here.

Smile frequently and think happy thoughts.

Just think about the end of your path, where are you heading?

Where will you’re journey lead you to?  

Think about yourself as if you were already there.  Feels good?

This will give you a much clearer picture about what you really want and a brighter outlook on your current situation.  This can also provide you with a clearer mind to know what steps you’re going to take to get there.

Be proactive, don’t wait for things to happen, MAKE IT HAPPEN!



Read inspirational books, biographies of people who are where you want to be, don’t stop reading. 

But don't stop there either.

I use to think that reading was the "key to knowledge" and I believed it too.  But then I learned or realized that reading is NOT the key to knowledge, it's the key to POTENTIAL knowledge.  Taking action, or practicing what you read is makes it more knowledgable.  That is when you truly gain the knowledge - by practicing what it is that you read. 

Self-education is a key to success and reading is a part of self-education.

While you’re self-educating yourself though, don’t forget to take action where needed or else you're just reading or self-educating yourself for fun. 

Read others success stories. 

Find out how other successful people found their success.  These type of stories have proven to become encouraging and motivating for many of us.

If you’re someone that doesn’t know where or how to start, you may start to feel frustrated or overwhelmed because of how much information there is out there.  But knowledge is power and by reading you can gain knowledge that you need to keep moving forward.  It can give you a clear understanding of how and where to start, which in turn will help you to feel empowered and give you the drive you need to follow through.

If you’ve already tried all the tips I’ve mentioned above to help keep you motivated and you feel that they have not worked for you, there is one more thing you can try.

Whatever it is that you are trying to achieve or wanting to do, DO IT!

Aim high and go for it!

Taking action is probably the best way to solve a lack of motivation.

By making yourself take action, or “forcing” yourself to do so, you will actually start to gain momentum slowly as you keep going and without you even realizing it, you will have finished what you set out to do.  You will be one step closer towards achieving your goal.

Divide and conquer is another key on the same key chain for success.

goal breakdown

Break down your larger goals into smaller ones – into smaller steps or tasks.  Your goal will not only appear less overwhelming, but when you complete these smaller tasks, your confidence will boost up. 

When you break down your larger or main goal into smaller ones, you may even find yourself going further by breaking down some of the smaller ones even smaller. 

Each small task you achieve brings you one step closer to your main goal.  You’ll feel confident about achieving your goal, no matter the size of the goal. 

Lack of motivation happens to ALL of us so you’re not alone. 

Accept the challenges that come along, look outside the box. 

Encourage yourself, no one else will. 

Keep your eyes on the goal.

Remember that motivation is something that we CHOOSE.  You must choose to motivate yourself, you might have to push yourself a little at first but once you gain that right mindset, it becomes easier to motivate yourself - if you choose it.