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How To Lose A Customer

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Are you your own worst marketing enemy? 

I'm sure you wouldn't intentionally turn customers away... but, as humans, we all make mistakes. 

Here are some sure fire ways of losing sales and kissing your profits goodbye!

Distracting Them

Yup, you know what I'm talking about. 

I’m sure you’ve been on a web page where you noticed that there are clickable links and buttons all over the page.   You start clicking and in no time, you realize that you have several pages open and don’t even remember which one was the original site you started with, you might have even forgotten why you were on the site to begin with!

This one is especially true for Internet marketers. 

So think about this; how many clickable links are on your web page?

Don’t send your potential customers to other places before you’ve made a sale.  Seems like common sense, right?  Exactly! but you may not have even noticed that your web page even has many clickable links or didn’t think of it as a distraction to your customers. 

Keep this in mind when building your webpages:

Just remember this - once your prospect leaves your page, there’s a chance that they may never find their way back. 

Giving Them An Unpleasant Surprise

You've probably bought something online, right?

You’ve decided that you want to make the purchase, you enter your payment information and then discover that there are extra fees that you were unaware of before making the decision to purchase.  It was never mentioned on the sales page or anywhere else, until after you started to make the payment.  You’re now left there with a choice, smile and just accept it, or walk away without making the purchase. 

As you can imagine, this situation would leave a bad taste in any customer’s mouth.  Last minute add ons to the price they expect to pay is a no-no.  Sure, sometimes they go ahead and make the purchase anyway but next time they’ll think twice before trusting you about giving them the real scoop on the price… and that’s if they even return.

Be up front! 

Are you planning to charge shipping? 

Don't wait until they've already made the decision to purchase, let them know right up front. 

Confusing Them

So many decisions… do you know what I’m talking about?

Ever been there?

The ‘ol “eenie meenie minie moe...” 

Which product is best?

Which one is the right one for you?

You may have even walked out of a store because of this same reason.  You just couldn’t make up your mind, so you leave, with the intention on returning.  But between you and me, did you ever make it back?

It’s pretty well known that a customer who leaves without making a purchase, usually doesn’t return.  That’s why its important to ensure that you are making the decision for the customer an easy one. Make it a “yes” or “no” choice and you’ve almost guaranteed that they walk out with the item in hand.

The online marketing space is competitive enough without making things tough on the customer.  You’ll want to watch out for the above 3 things, I’m positive you don’t want to turn any customers away.

Don't make any of the above mistakes.  It would cost you big time!