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A Short Note On
Handling Rejection
As An Online Entrepreneur

handling rejection

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You will face rejections, no matter what you're selling or planning to sell.  Recognize that "No" is valuable feedback and can actually take your sales to a whole new level. 

Regardless of how often we hear "No" it's a tough thing to hear, take or feel. 

I've had many rejections in my life, just as anyone else, but I've learned how to cope with it.  Here are some ways to cope with it:

It's Their Opinion

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, right?

When you keep hearing that what you're trying to accomplish is impossible, that can cause you to think twice and believe that they are right. 

In this situation you have to realize that everyone has, and is entitled to, their own opinions and it's just that! 


When you hear these types of opinions it's not a bad thing, but its not a good thing either, its simply data coming in that you can analyze and allow it to help you make your next move. 

What you receive here is extremely valuable feedback that you should use to help you find a better or different approach to what it is that you are trying to do. 

Do NOT allow a "No" to undermine your belief or confidence in the value of your idea, product, or your ability. 

Don't Get Defensive

It's okay to feel a certain type of way when you're rejected, but don't make excuses or try to tell people that they're wrong.  Allow that "no," and that feeling make you get going again.  Let it create a sense of urgency for you to go out and find a better way. 

Take action, prove them wrong.  Instead of getting all depressed about it, look at it as a challenge.  Take the challenge, vow to solve the problem and show you were in the right all along. 

Allow History To Be Your Guide

allow history to be your guide

If people are laughing at you or your ideas, ask yourself why?

Is it because you're not articulating your idea good enough?

Is your idea too advanced? meaning, it's ahead of its time.

It takes time for a new idea, service or product to gain acceptance.  

Alexander Graham Bell was told that his idea of people who live thousands of miles apart would be able to communicate with each other could not be done.  The rest as they say is history.  This is just one example that teaches us that there are other people who have been laughed at and told "no" that have still achieved their goals, some have even surpassed them. 

Embrace rejection, take that information and learn from it - you will always come out stronger if you do so.