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give it free

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If you're thinking about starting an online business or already run one and are looking for how to explode your sales, I have a secret word you can use to do just that!

What word do you think has been and still is the most used word people type into a search box on the internet?


The word "FREE" has been used in search engines way more than any other word.  Everyone loves something for nothing or getting something that they want for free. 

Think about the times you, yourself, have searched for anything online.  Have you ever included the word "free" in any of your searches? Most likely you have.

Benefits of giving something for free.

Offering anything for free, a product, service or some information, can bring back to you great returns.  It will benefit your online business to do this. 

Your search engine rankings will boost - since the word is typed into search engines most often, optimizing it on your site will bring back amazing traffic. 

Once a visitor finds your website from the search engine, further use - on your site - with the word free will draw them in even more.  

When a visitor claims their freebie, there are several things that can happen. 

They would have to provide you with their name and email address in order to get the freebie.  This is actually the main reason most online entrepreneurs offer freebies to their visitors in the first place. 


Because odds are that your visitor will not be buying something from you during their first visit to your site.  And chances are that they may never even return to your site again, unless there's an awesome reason for them to do so. 

Therefore, by asking them for their email address, you would be able to stay in contact and occasionally remind them about visiting your site again.  You can also inform them of any special offers you have and more. 

It's a pretty well known fact, in the online business world, that the average amount of contacts with a customer before they feel comfortable making a purchase from you is about 7 times.  

So by offering a freebie you can collect their email address and by collecting their email address you can stay in contact.  And by making several contacts with them (as long as you have their permission of course), your chances of them making a purchase from you increase.

Not only should you always provide value to your email subscribers, but you become 'familiar' to them.  They learn to trust you.  They connect with you.  

Quality of "Free"

high quality

Whether its a service or product that you offer for free, it MUST be of great quality. 

Think about this:

If you receive a freebie and the quality of it was poor, would you go back to that website or individual to purchase something, anything?

I wouldn't either. 

Even if you're the best that there is, at what ever it is that you do, have the best deal ever, they will never know any of this - because they will not come back. 

Now, let's say you receive a freebie that is of great quality, an impressive free gift, are you now more likely to visit that site again?

Yes, you would.  I would too!

With this said, your freebie MUST be of high quality in order for that freebie offer to really benefit your business. 

Drive traffic to your website using "free"

When creating your marketing plans or strategies, be sure to center them around the infamous "what's in it for me?" - when offering your freebie. 

This will tempt them to want to click on your link, to learn more, to visit your website. 

Use "free offer" in your advertisements, e-books, reports or when creating social media posts, and in other places. 

Choose wisely.

When determining or deciding on what it is that you will be giving away for free, there is one vital piece of advise. 

Make the freebie relevant to your what it is that your audience is interested in, stick with your niche. 

If for instance, your niche is wine and your freebie was for recipes using wines.  They download it and are probably very happy with their freebie but then when you contact them via email with a special offer on a dog crate, you take the risk of confusing them as to what it is that you specialize in or cause them to think that you just want to sell them anything, most likely than not, they will not visit your site again.  They will most likely also even unsubscribe from your list. 

No matter how many emails you send, their initial interest was in wine recipes, not dog crates.  Why should they visit your site again?

They won't.

So always stay mindful as to what it is that your audience actually wants and simply give it to them. 

In conclusion, offering freebies has been, still is and most likely will be for a very long time, the best traffic driver there is.  

So what do you plan to offer as your freebie?