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Build Your Own Website

build your own website

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build your own website

When building your own website, there are a few things you need to consider. Let's discuss some of the important ones here, besides finding a niche.

Domain Name

First, you have to think about a domain name . Be very picky when choosing a domain name. You should make it short, memorable, and relevant to your websites content.

On sites such as instantdomainsearch.com you can see if you're domain name is taken and if so, it will provide you with alternatives or the option to make an offer for the one you want.

You can check who owns a particular domain at www.whois.sc, and if the owner is not using the domain, you can make them offer to buy it from them.

Another thing you should do before choosing your domain name is making sure that name is also available on social media sites. You never know how big your site will grow, plus using the same name on your social media pages solidifies your brand and makes it much more memorable. 

A good site to check if your name is taken on any network is: namechk.com. On namechk you can check on all social media sites at the same time and it's free.

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Web Hosting

One of the most important factors to also consider when building your own website is hosting.

If your website goes down, you would be out of business.

I'm sure you know that sites can get hacked, so it's necessary that you choose a hosting company which considers security as one of its main priorities. Ensure the company has fast and secure server capabilities. Without a secure server, no one will trust your site.

Also check for things like firewalls, access to raw server logs, email services, daily backups, customer support and user authentication. Hosting companies such as Hostgator and Bluehost are good places to start with. 

Web Design

Another thing to think about when you start to build your own website is: Web Design.

You want your visitors to see not only a fast connection but professionalism and expertise.

If you're not a website designer, even if you know nothing at all about website design, do not worry. Today's world provides us with plenty of resources to get this done without knowing nothing about it. Not only to get it done but to get done the right way. 

For example, on sites like Fiverr you can hire someone to design your entire website for you. All you have to do is tell him or her exactly what you want, your vision of what you want your website to look like and they will create it for you. 

It's not as expensive as it may sound. Just make sure you choose a reputable individual when going on sites like that so that you are not wasting your money. Pay attention to the reviews.

This is by no means an all inclusive list of resources you will need to look into when starting to build your own website. 

There are plenty of more things you should take into consideration. Things like; content, images, videos, your color scheme, what call to actions or CTA's to use, its compatibility with multiple browsers, integration with social media pages, and more. 

Building a website takes time but do not be afraid of going for it.

Nothing is perfect, taking action in the online business world is the number one most important thing. 

You can think about so many things you want to do or you know you can do but if you do not take action, those thoughts are just dreams that never come to life. So start today, be patient, never stop learning break those walls down that keep holding you back or go over those bumps along your entrepreneurship road that seem to get in the way sometimes.

Just start!

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