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Branding Your Business

branding your business

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What’s your “brand”?

Think of it in terms of what the customer gains when he or she views it - your company, your brand.  What will they see, hear, smell, taste, and touch?  Basically, your brand is the result of everything their senses can pick up on - about you.

It's the image you present at all times.

From your company's logo or color scheme all the way down to the manner in which your employees dress.

Are you giving out the message you want to give, think about what your colors portray?

Branding Your Business - Colors
[Free Downloadable Infographic included]

Color is magical.

It’s an element that gives people feeling and emotion.

By understanding the meaning of colors, (or the psychology of color) you can choose the perfect color to support and emphasize your brand.

An overall color of your scheme can determine the tone of your ad, article or post.  Certain colors can help your content or product attract a specific target audience and help you obtain the kind of response you are looking for.

To use color more effectively in your marketing, it helps to know the symbolic meanings of a color and how to use them.  Here’s a basic general guideline you can use to learn a bit more about the symbolic meanings and characteristics that colors are associated with.  If you prefer a printout of this information, I’ve included a free downloadable infographic down below for you. 

Now let’s talk about some colors:

branding your business - yellow


Yellow will bring about joy, enthusiasm, warmth, and positivity.  It’s a friendly color, encourages relaxation but energizes too. 

The color yellow would add cheerfulness and positivity to your site.

It would be a good color choice for projects that need to evoke feelings of lightheartedness, humor, or friendliness.


Red symbolizes power, romance, vitality, energy, passion and danger.

The color red brings upon highly charged emotions such as aggression, danger, or love.  Red will usually make your prospect pay attention.  

branding your business - red

Using the color red would catch a prospects eyes immediately, so use it on content or products that need to grab attention.

In the financial arena, however, red can symbolize a negative direction.


branding your business - green

Green symbolizes life, freshness, growth, grass, and trees.

Its characteristics include: friendliness, dependability, freshness, secure, healthy, strong, expensive, and primitive.

If you’re in a niche that sells eco-friendly products, health and/or wealth products, then green would be a good choice as a main color on your site and products.


Blue is a very popular color in a lot of brands.  Some of what blue symbolizes are determination, order, intelligence, honesty, calmness, cleanliness, tranquility, and quietness or peace.

branding your business - blue

Blues are often used for a more mature target audience and/or situation.  Blue is most common in the financial and healthcare fields.

branding your business - purple


Purples have long been associated with royalty, magic and elegance. 

People will either love it or hate it.

Purples are often used with feminine, rather than masculine designs.

If you want to give off a luxury type of feel to your audience, then purple would be a great choice. 


Just like red, orange can also be an attention grabber type of color.  And just like yellow, it can also give off a sense of warmth and cheerfulness.  This color is playful and young. 

branding your business - orange

Of course, these are just a few of the many colors that are available and you have to take into account that a color can give off a different vibe, dependent on its shade, tone, and/or  contrast.    

One more thing about colors is that you have to make sure that the colors you use in your marketing attract the attention of the right audience, your target audience. 

Enough about colors, that is not the only thing you have to take into consideration when branding your business.  

Your brand is what your prospects hear from and about you too. 

From what they hear to the way your customer service team handles complaints. 

Are former customers likely to talk good about you?

Are you and your employees pleasant to speak to?

It's the feeling your audience gets in all dealings with you and your business.  The activities you carry out when building relationships with your prospects.  

Your brand encompasses everything about you and your business.  Therefore, it's always important to put your best foot forward in everything you do. 

The bottom line here is that branding is an extremely important part to establishing your identity in the marketplace and consistency is the key to effectively doing that.

Take time to examine with your senses, what message are you giving out to your customers.

Download the below infographic here.

branding your business - colors