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Book Lessons

Reading Is The Key To Knowledge
Just As It Is The Key To Success

book lessons

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It's true.

Reading IS  the key to both knowledge AND success.

Books, including e-books and even audio books, can be our teachers, counselors, mentors, and more. 

woman reading book

Did you know that most successful people read on a regular basis? Some even read for hours - DAILY!

By reading, you gain inspiration and knowledge. You can learn from other peoples mistakes, so that you will not make the same mistakes.

man reading book

Not only does it provide you with an opportunity to relax, but it exposes you to new things, new ideas, and will help increase your self confidence. 

Self education while on your entrepreneurship journey is vital.

Picking up a book every now and then is critical to your growth, both professionally and personally. 

Do not get me wrong ... reading alone, will not  make you rich. You must take action as well, always take some form of action using your new knowledge.

The rich read self improvement books, biographies, how to's, and psychology type of books, among others like that. They make reading a habit in their lives.

Books give you the opportunity to mentor yourself through them. 

Those who read consistently see success in their lives. So its worth investing time into reading, make it a daily habit in your life, you'll gain so much value from it. 

Here are a few book lessons of knowledge I've gained myself 

(more to come)

the entrepreneur mind

rich dad poor dad

your best year ever

psychology of selling

millionaire success habit


4 hour work week

the blue ocean strategy

the motivation myth

You can take lessons from everything

lessons from monopoly

Share Your Knowledge

Tell us what book you've read and what lessons have you gained from it?