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Blogging for Beginners

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People start blogging for many reasons, one reason may be aimed at creating a wide movement via the online world. Though it’s true that blogs can be kept very private, the main purpose of most blogs is to reach out to a number of people, to have a medium to voice opinions from.

Blogging has been in existence for many years now. A blog is essentially created to express opinions or share your thoughts – just like you would in a journal.  In fact, a blog is also known as an online journal. 

You want other people to read what you’ve written, you want to network with others who have similar interests, and likes, others that you may not have met or come into contact with otherwise. 

 Just like social networking, the chances of obtaining an audience are high.

Blogging today is not only restricted to ‘journal like’ entries, it has become a platform for people from all walks of life, both young and old, to discuss matters that they feel are important to them – no matter what it is.

This type of platform has even become an important tool for advertising online, and for people who wish to reach out to the world about anything (and everything).

One of the main good things about creating and maintaining a blog is that it does not require a fortune.  So many people nowadays have a personal blog and of no cost.

Another great thing is that there is no requirement or need for you to be a computer whiz or web designer in order to have a good blog.

Unlike a website, you don’t need the knowledge of knowing how to design and create buttons for this and buttons for that, etc..  Most blogging service providers (if not all) have their own templates and fonts already built-in. 

Blogging also helps get rid of the hassles of publishing, in the sense that your work – your writing, pictures, videos and the likes - can all be published, through your blog. 

You can share any content that you wish to share with the world!

I want to also mention that just like you don’t have to be a web designer to create a blog, you also don’t need to be a writer, a film maker or photographer in order to publish content on your blog. Your blog is just a place where you can share moments, memories or stories with others - publicly.

Keep in mind that a blog is an open forum that can be read by all.  You don’t want to write something about a topic that may anger your readers. 

Make your content user friendly as well.  Don’t make it difficult for someone to look for a button that would take them to a product (for instance) that they see you have or talk about in your post. 


There are a few factors involved when it comes to ranking any site.  Such as the relevance of your article or post according to the keywords used and the number of times the page has been linked and/or viewed.

These type of factors are pretty simple to follow, if you carefully pay attention to them.

First, you should get your site linked through various other pages - from other sites.  The more pages out there in the online world that contain your links, the better rankings you’ll get.

Another good step to take is updating your content frequently.  This would also help with getting higher rankings.  Sites that are often looked at and worked on by their owners often get higher rankings in the search engines. 

You also want to keep an eye out for what other people write or talk about on their blogs. This can provide you with a lot of ideas and tips for your own blog. Look at things like; how are people responding to the post, what kind of comments is the post receiving, etc..

Ensure that people have a way to comment on your posts.  Discussions and comments on your pages is another great way of getting your pages to rank high. So it’s always a good thing to respond to the comments and keep them talking – the activity going on throughout your pages alone help with rankings.   


  • Never create useless posts.
  • Don't make them too long.
  • Make sure they are well written. 
  • Update and create new posts regularly.  Ideally, you should blog 4-7 times a week.
  • Be funny.  Be entertaining in someway.  I don't know about you but a long useless boring post will surely loose my interest and may cause me to not even return back to the site.  So be entertaining sometimes, include a joke or two in your posts or a short fun quiz with funny results. 
  • No need to stick to only text, include photos and videos.  Create interesting ways to share your content, your thoughts.
  • Be yourself and never imitate or copy someone else. 

There's Nothing To Be Afraid of 

Don't be afraid of creating a blog, elaborate plans aren't necessary or required.  However, there are a few decisions you would have to make. 

You will have to decide on your theme.  You can stick to one theme or you can choose to write about whatever you want to write about – even your day to day happenings or outings. Since it's your own journal, you can make it about whatever you want.

You could pick a particular niche to write consistently about, or simply choose to write about random topics that interest you.  Its totally up to you what you want to create content on.

You’ll also need to decide what or which blogging service provider you will use.  You can try out providers such as iPage or Wordpress.

Templates will be made available to you no matter what blogging service you choose to start your blog with.  You will also have a wide range of layouts to choose from in terms of color schemes and your blogs layout.

It’s a good idea to surf and visit other peoples blogs but don’t spam their comment section.  When writing a comment on other blogs make sure that your comments are genuine and relevant to what the post is about.

Make your blog attractive, make it reflect your personality.

Finally, once you’re done making these decisions you will now be ready to publish your content.  Ask family, friends and acquaintances to check it out.  Ask them to visit your site and let you know how they feel about it.  Tell them to be honest with their feedback.

Ok, now you’ve started and published your blog.  Maintaining your blog is the next step.  Here are a few tips on how to successfully keep your blog going upward:


You must update your blog frequently, otherwise visitors may stop visiting it. This will also help boost your confidence to create more well put together posts in the future.


Add your own personal touch to your blog.  No matter what your blogs topic or theme is, you should make it interesting.


Proof read your posts or have someone else do it.  These type of errors can be a major turn off to many readers, which will in turn cause them to not come back.


Think about playing host to sites like Google AdSense.  This way you earn revenue by placing their links on your blog.


If you have a theme blog you can search for other similar blogs and build a network.  You can also do this by creating social media pages for your blog.

More About Blogging for Beginners

There’s really no limit to what you can do with your own blog.  Even the smallest aspect of your personal life, just like keeping a diary, can be shared with the world.

You can also pick up interesting debates and discussions through your blog.  You can start some of these discussions yourself.  Moreover, there may not be anything more interesting and attractive than the fact that you can even earn money while blogging.

You don’t need to be an expert on a topic, you don’t even need to be a writer.  The requirements to become a blogger are really very low.  

Anyone can become a blogger.

If you blog consistently and well enough for people to come read it, your chances of making money as a blogger increase.  

Here are a few tips I’ve gathered to help ensure your blog gets rewarded by more than just comments:

Get your blog registered with a search engine or two. 

Write consistently. 

When you’re first starting out, you can’t take month or week long breaks in between your content creation.  You have to keep going, not only to get steady traffic, but also for your blog readership to increase so that your blog can have a chance at ranking high with search engines. 

Keep the following few things in mind when creating content on your blog:

Keep your content “reader friendly.”  All your articles, posts, poems, photos, videos, etc. must be interesting and should make your reader feel like he or she is gaining something out of reading it. 

Make your content worthwhile.  Don’t let your readers feel that they have been tricked into reading your post or clicking on your blogs link. 

Some people may not have enough time or patience to read a long post, no matter how good it is.  Some bloggers suggest keeping it short, simple and to the point. 

Linking increases rankings.  Therefore, keep linking blogs you read to yours, to help build a network and encourage others to link to yours.

Using keywords in your posts frequently also helps with your rankings, which in turn will lead to more people visiting your blog.

A catchy title or headline should be one of your main priorities when creating your posts.  Never create a misleading title, though, or you will definitely lose creditability which is extremely hard to get back. 

Being consistent with your blog content will bring great amounts of traffic. 

So go ahead and start creating your blog - what are you waiting for!