Blogging 101

Blogging 101

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Writing is an art.

If it's the same for you, then blogging is fun.

Blogging is one way that you can use words as a form of art. 

The majority of people who are into blogging are artistic in a sense.  They carefully choose words that would best describe feelings, emotions, desires, well .. everything. 

Blogs were first introduced as what use to be called, “weblogs”.  It referred to the servers' log files.  When logging via web hit the virtual market, weblogs were created.  Its inception occurred in the 1990s and ever since then, weblogging has saturated the virtual community, which made the internet a viable source of fantastic information. 

Weblogging still required you to have a website and a domain name.  But, with blogging today, you really don’t need anything more than an account with a blog provider – which in most cases are completely free. 

For people who wanted to become known all over the world, personal journaling in the blogging industry had been common ground.  

Generally, blogs are created by people as a means of journaling, mainly for personal use.  As you would in a journal, people write about their daily adventures, feelings, and whatever it is that they would want to write about and share with the world. 

When the creation of online businesses began, blogs had gradually started taking the limelight in providing businesses with a chance to boost productivity online.  And now online business blogging exists. 

At its basic, a business blog was created as a way to advertise the services and/or products of a business or website in order for that business to increase its online sales.  A business blog can also promote a business to allow prospective customers to know about a business that they would have otherwise not known about or did not know even existed. 

Entrepreneurs are easily able to establish a name for themselves in the virtual world by creating a blog and writing articles that are of useful quality to their readers. 

From there, there are many ways you can earn money out of your blog.  

If you’re thinking about creating a blog, whether it's for business purposes or for fun, here are some tips that would help you along that journey and make your blog one of the most interesting blogs online. 

Tip #1
Consider Your Audience

consider your audience

What type of audience are you looking to write for?

No matter what kind of a blog it is that you have or want to create, you should always consider the minds of your reader.  You will want to create articles and posts around their interests so that they stay interested in your blog and would, therefore, want to return. 

After all, the reason most people start a blog is for others to read it and continue to come back to read new articles or posts.  Many want to be “heard” (or in this case, read), some would love to be known, in one way or another, even if its just momentarily. 

It’s very important that when you write for your blog, that it's understandable.  You want your audience to understand it, not everyone will relate to it, but it must be easy to understand. 

Tip #2
Pictures Do Speak

pictures speak

It is always advisable to place pictures or images in your blog. 

It’s simply nice. 

Your readers would appreciate it and would make their browsing efforts worth it.  

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to place a picture of yourself, any image would do.  

When placing images in your posts, ensure they are not images that would pose a danger or insult any of your readers.  Instead, make sure, that they are relevant to the post you are placing them in. 

Tip #3
Make Your Blog A Beneficial One. 

Yes, it's your blog.  Yes, you may be free to write about anything it is that you want to write about for the world to see.  But I’m sure you would agree, it would benefit your audience if you create content that is of some sort of benefit to your readers. 

Not only would it benefit your readers but it would benefit you too.  


If your readers find your blog to be beneficial to them, they would stay longer on your blog, want to read more, and maybe even sign up to become a subscriber to your blog. 

A blog is a part of information technology, therefore, it would be of great benefit to all that it provides information rather than random entertainment. 

Tip #4
Don’t Make it Complicated. 

Puzzled head

To have an interesting blog, one that readers would come back to often, you do not need to use any special or highly technical words.  It’s not a science discourse or debate of any kind that you’re creating, right?

Stick to simple. 

Keep in mind that most people scan more often than they do scrutinize each word you use. 

When you create posts for your blog, there is no need to make any part of it complicated.  Not only will it not benefit you to do so, but it would not benefit your readers as well.  

There is no need to create extremely long blogs with no pictures to them.  That would just bore most of your readers, which in turn will cause them not to return. 

Tip #5
Making It Interactive

online video

If your capacity allows for it, make your blog interactive.  

You make your blog interactive by placing things like videos or audio clips in it.  

You can also place an area for comments or feedback.  This would allow you to get a feel for what your audience wants and their reactions to your content.  

Make your audience feel at home, while on your blog. 

Allow them to make suggestions, reply to comments and questions.  Who knows you may even gain some friends this way. 

Blogs weren’t only created for fun. 

They do have their purpose in the internet world.

So for people, such as myself, who enjoy writing or wish to harness their craft, blogs are a great way to do it.