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Tips on
Achieving Your Goals

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Do you have long-term goals with short-term expectations? 

I sure hope not.

Because it can lead you towards failure and cause so much frustration in your life. 

Some goals, such as exercise or weight loss goals, have to become habits in order for you to achieve them. Many goals do not happen overnight. Career change goals is another example of one that would take up a lot of your time and require a lot of planning. 

Your world will shift greatly when entering into the internet business scene and I speak from experience. There's just so much to learn, so much time you have to dedicate, and so many plans to create - there's just so much to do. 

To top it off.. it's super easy to get confused, loose focus, or get overwhelmed. 

write down your goals

You should approach your goal strategically.  

First, write down your goal. What is it that you want to accomplish? What do you want your end result to look like or be? 

When answering these questions, be realistic with yourself. 

After you've written your goal down, visualize it. 

Visualize your strategy.

I'm a visual person.  As a matter of fact, many entrepreneurs are.  Visualizing helps me realize my plan or goal.  It also allows me to tweek them where I see the need or want. This type of visualization helps me stay focused and understand my plans better. 

Take reasonable steps towards your goal.

If it's a long-term goal, break them down into sub-goals before you even start taking any steps. When you break it down, break it into doable, short-term pieces. 

Each action you take towards the completion of a sub-goal will, not only make it easier to achieve, but feel satisfying because you know that it's one step closer towards the completion of your big goal.

While on the road towards achieving any goal, be patient and always have consistency.  There are certain things in life you just can't rush.  

Ever heard of the SMART goal setting strategy?

If not, I recommend you learn about it and follow it when setting a goal. 

Steps Towards Achieving Your Goals

the SMART way

Be Specific about your goal, know exactly what goal it is that you want to achieve.

Make sure your goal is Measurable, evaluate or keep track of your progress.  

Ensure that whatever goals you set are Achievable. 

Set Realistic goals. 

No matter what goals you set, it should always be set realistically.  Be sure that it's something you can achieve, one that you know you have what you need to achieve it.  For example, you're not really being realistic when you set a goal of getting 500k subscribers on your YouTube channel in 6 hours - Wouldn't you agree? 

Set a Timeframe.  A timeframe for when you want to achieve your goal by.  This will help you stay on schedule.  You will be taking the chance of loosing focus, or putting things off for "another time," which in turn may end up in you simply giving up on that particular goal. 

What do you want to achieve as an online entrepreneur?

How do you plan on achieving that goal?

What steps will you take to get there?

How will you break down your goal, into bits and pieces?

Write out your plan.

List your tactics, specific ones, that you'll use in your strategies to achieve your goal. 

Do not forget to visualize your strategy.

I am a visual person, many online entrepreneurs are.  Visualizing my plan, my goals, or tactics helps me realize them or tweak them where I see the need or want.  When I think about the steps I plan to take in order to achieve my goals, I visualize it.  Doing this helps me understand it and even focus on it more. 

To Be Preneur

Another thing to include in your plans is your resources. 

What tools will you use to achieve the "pieces" of your goal; Analytics tools, autoresponders, calls to action, landing pages, etc.

Test your strategies and tactics continuously. Track your progress and test again.  What worked and what didn't work.  Adjust as needed.  You must be flexible with your strategies, tactics, plan, and even your goal.  

"Anything can happen." 

"Anything can change."

One thing I must add here is to always deliver on what you promise.  Your online success depends on it. 

What are some strategies for achieving your goals that you have found successful? 

achieving your goals